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Top 9 Favorite Fashion Blogs 2019

Bloggers are not only super cute, but extremely talented as well. From supporting amazing causes, overcoming challenging life events, and even starting their own clothing lines - bloggers are working on so much more than just fashion blogs. We've gathered a list of 9 of our all time favorite bloggers - some of which are pushing the boundaries of what a typical fashion blogger looks like.

Following bloggers is a great way to gather outfit inspiration along with inspo for many other areas of life. These bloggers are absolutely amazing, you won't regret following them!

1. Southern Curls and Pearls

2. Dani Austin

3. Uniquely Julz

4. The Sister Studio

5. Lauren Kay Sims

6. Barefoot Blonde

7. Champagne and Chanel

8. Natalie Kennedy

9. Kailee Wright