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5 Wardrobe Essentials You Need In Your Closet

Let’s get back to basics! We’ve created a list of 5 Wardrobe Essentials your closet needs any time of the year. Trends come and go, but these essentials are to stay. Take a look, get some inspiration, and never have that “OMG I have nothing to wear” moment again!


Essential #1: Basic White Tee

Basic White Tee - Women's Casual Tee

Basic White Tee - Women's Casual Tee

White tee-shirts are a tiny bit scary right? Between sweat marks and drink or food stains, it may seem like a waste of money to invest in a white tee shirt. Hear us out though.

We’ve all spent unneeded time staring at our closet deciding what to wear. Stop! When in doubt, throw on a white tee! It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing shorts, denim skinnies, pencil skirts, maxi skirts or anything in between, a white tee is going to look amazing with it! A sure-fire, knock-out outfit combo: pair a white tee with dark wash denim jeans and a pair of white Converse. Or for a more polished look, try a white tee with skinnies, heels, and statement earrings. Such an easy, classic look that you can’t go wrong with. You won't disappointed with any of the combos you create with a basic white tee.


Essential #2: The Perfect Pair of Denim

5 Button Denim Skinny Jeans - Women's Denim Jeans

5 Button Denim Skinny Jeans - Women's Denim Jeans

Next up, you need a great pair of denim jeans. Denim comes in a wide variety of washes, from light blue to the darkest shades. One important thing to remember is that no matter what wash you go with, pay attention to fit. Whether you’re a boyfriend fit kind of gal or you lean more towards skinny jeans, only buy a pair of jeans you love and that you’re comfortable wearing. The best kind of jeans are the ones with a little stretch! Our Estelle KanCan Denim jeans have the perfect amount of stretch, making them beyond comfortable and a great pair of go-to denim.


Essential #3: Comfortable Go-To Shoes

Women's Slide Sandals - Women's Comfortable Shoes

Every woman should own a pair of go-to comfortable shoes that can be easily worn with almost any outfit. Whether you love a good pair of slide sandals or your go-to is a pair of comfy booties, having a great go-to shoe is an essential for any wardrobe.


Essential #4: A Versatile, Comfy Dress

Women's Modest Dresses - Women's Comfy Dress

Women's Modest Dresses - Women's Comfy Casual Dress

Everyone needs a go-to dress in their wardrobe! With so many styles to choose from, it can be hard to pick just one! If you’re the kind of girl who only wears dresses for special occasions, you are missing out! Wearing a stylish dress means that you don’t have to put pants on. It’s the second best comfy thing you could wear, right after leggings of course.

Imagine running errands in a simple babydoll dress, a denim jacket, and sneakers. Or a floral dress, cardigan, and ballet flats. Your errands just got so much comfier girlfriend. 


Essential #5: Wear Everyday Handbag

Women's Handbags - Everyday Handbag

Are you the kind of girl who loves carrying a handbag everywhere you go? We definitely do! Whether you love a tote that you can carry everything with you wherever you go or you like a small crossbody bag for your basic essentials, every girl needs a great everyday handbag.


Try pairing a few this essentials together for one outfit! Pair your basic white tee with your go-to denim and handbag. Or try your best comfy dress with your favorite shoes! These 5 items are the perfect wardrobe essentials that every girl needs in their closet!


5 Wardrobe Essentials - Women's Clothing Essentials